Wednesday, 11 August 2010

I love you completely part 6.

1. Park & Cube
A great look at all things fashion from high street to high end. Always packed with detailed photographs of products and events.
As well as an amusing informative read. As well as how to create some really great fashion pieces. I spent hours on this.

2. Pro Blogger
For the blogger/geek inside us. Helpful hints, tips and if you're really serious about creating yourself a statue online then there are various weekly videos to help you live the social networking party life.

3. Swiss Miss
Clever logo, detailed site, clear clean layout, informative designs. Highly inspiring website.

4. Complex
Girls, Sneakers, Blogs, Lists, Sports, Style...Creative haven bascially.

5. Print Society
A place where you can post your own work and view others prints. Theres some really amazing work on here.

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