Tuesday, 24 August 2010

I love you completely Part 7

White Hot Truth

Because I'm a girl and I need to be empowered sometimes. Nobody said life was going to be easy and this site encourages young women (and the odd male) to follow your dreams, do what you want/need to do and stay beautiful.
;I'm interested in liberating truth, raw reality, and grace. I think feminine power and progressive commerce will revolutionize how we live. In my experience, if you steer clear of dogma and muster up more love than you thought you had to give, then your vitality increases, satisfaction sets in, sweetness surfaces. I believe in the creative power of good feelings. I’m convinced that the desire to be real is everyone's divine imperative. Yeah!'

Absolutely bloody love it.
Nowness showcases every day events from inspration, fashion, art, culture, music etc. I've found some of the best things on this website and it's time to share it all with you.
'NOWNESS previews the latest in fashion, art, cinema, entertainment, culture, music, gastronomy, design, travel, and the world of luxury.'

Design is History
Heaven history online.
A backlog of some of the best creations made through design starting from early communications (symbols, books) through to the year 2000. Showing us how design has changed since the 1450's and how typography has developed.

Oh Joy!
The token home accessorie link. Full of the cutest homeware, textiles and fashion finds.

Design Sponge
Broken down into 10 different catergories; sneak peeks, mini trends, city guides, product guides, podcasts, DIY, before & after, catergories, recipies and videos...Phew! This website brings you some of the cutest things I've ever seen and has rekindle my love with recent post BIG.
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