Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Happy 10th Birthday Pull-In!

I'm such a fan of underwear if you know me personally you will know that I tweet alot about buying new bras/knickers. I don't know why or how but I literally have over 50 pairs of knickers. I think it's so important for men to have good fun underwear too. Shows personality right? And these Pull-In items defiantly have some crazy fun prints.

Pull-In was founded by Emmanuel Loheac in Hossegor in France in 2000.

A decade on, Emmanuel and Pull-in are celebrating huge success, and are recognized as a premium underwear brand not just amongst streetwear aficionados but with international sportsmen and women, celebrities, and underwear connoisseurs. The artistry of the printed fabrics and the elastic waistbands remains to this day the key to the brand’s identity. The strength of the brand rests on the image projected around the world by an explosive team of riders from the extreme sports arena and, quite simply, by the followers of the Pull-in philosophy of the out-of-the-ordinary underwear.

To celebrate their 10th year they have designed a special cupcake print which I love!

I'm totally digging on these bottoms and bra and knickers, too.

For more information and more fab products please check out their website here.

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