Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Sketchbook Magazine

Sketchbook Magazine launched in London, UK on 20th October 2009. The magazine is full of fresh, individual talents springing from fashion, design, culature and around the globe delights. Featuring original sketchbook graphics, exclusive interviews with photographers. Sketchbook aims to provide an entrance into the minds of switched-on, aware and intelligent creatives and to inspire whoever choose to take part in such an innovative industry as fashion.

After launching the magazine in October 2009 they have received a readership over 7,000 and is available by print on demand in the UK, USA and Canada.

Their first issue was a hot current topic 'I blog therefore I am' which showcases the rise and rise of fashion blogs and how any budding fashionista or any fashion company can advertise themselves on a blog. The digital age where fashion blogging has boomed into a cultural phenomenon and become a way of life for many fashion fanatics.

One of my favourite fashion bloggers Susie Bubble is a fanatical fan of this Sketchbook. As well as featuring some of my other favourites Jak & Jil, Garance Dore, The Sartorialist, The Facehunter and Fashion Toast.

The second issue of Sketchbook can be viewed on their site with the first issue and is focused on London designers. I peeped it last night and it really is a great read absolutely crammed with good information and some dope designers I mean Henry Holland is on the front what could be cooler than that? I like the styling and photographs from 'Eloise' too.

To view Issue #1 & #2 please click here.
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N P said...

How inspiring working area, doesnt even look like an office. I'd like to work at somewhere like that.

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