Saturday, 18 September 2010

Topshop: Emerging Designers

Topshop have added a section to their website following fashionistas and designers around the world.
'Emerge' is an exclusive collection of young, talented, progressive designers from around the world.
Topshop 'Emerge' have provided a platform for these designers who have been discovered by Topshop themselves. A push in the right direction and a showing of their work to the ever growing audience of Topshop.

Out of the nine designers featured on the website only three are available to view more information about and buy. So far KTZ is my favourite. Some really unique designs but still totally wearable...Unfortunately too expensive for my post student lifestyle but hey! maybe one day.

You can view more of the collection here.

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Anonymous said...

It's a bit annoying to see a corporate store like Topshop trying to pretend that they have "discovered" KTZ when I have been buying KTZ from at least 3 other INDIE stores since early 2008. For anyone that pays attention to directional designers, KTZ is not new. In fact, they have their OWN store in LONDON now for years, so the fact that Topshop is now just jumping on the bandwagon and trying to pretend like they have an "exclusive" is very very lame

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