Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Death Before Dishonour: Sleeping Samurais Lose Their Eyes

Another fab drop from our friends over at Death Before Dishonour.

This is inspired by the works of Miyamoto Musashi on his circa 1645 classic Go Rin No Sho or in English, The Book of 5 Rings.
A Samurai had to maintain a profound level of awareness in order to survive, to sleep (meaning to lose mindfulness) was an almost certain death. The title should really read "Sleeping Samurais Lose Their Lives" but to say eyes enables the macabre spin I like to put on prints.
Zen monks we trying to introduce Samurais to Buddhist teachings to stop their killing sprees as they were the ones that had to pick up the carnage when the Samurais left the scene. I written a sinister, poetic cross between a Zen Koan & text in the spirit of Go Rin No Sho and have printed this as an internal print.

Let us know if you buy anything.

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