Thursday, 28 October 2010

Does the packaging really help sell the product?

For me yes, and in general isn't that the whole idea of having good packaging and marketing behind a product? I am in no ways or means a snob (okay maybe a little) but I like to buy things that look nice. In terms of the packaging, maybe that comes down to my love and passion for design or maybe it comes down to a bit of OCD...I'm not sure. However I think packaging is extremely important in all areas of all products.

I've had a peep around the internet and found some amazing packaged goodies that I am so wanting to try out and save the exterior for something fun like collages or poster art.

Green and Spring
I'm pretty much in love with birds anyways but this packaging is incredible. I haven't tried the skin care but from this top level of design I can only assume it would be amazing. Has anyone tried it? Please let me know.

I remember when I worked at Threshers and we got in a new batch of red win. I can't remember for the life of me what it was called now but, I completely loved the design of it. It had little butterflies and horses stemming from a vine type face and was just really pretty. The wine itself tasted shit. However, this absinthe bottle is stunning and is said to taste pretty stunning as well.

Vitamin Water
Yes! The only product packaging I am talking about that I have tried and love. Vitamin Water is brilliant. Tastes and looks so good. I'm more than happy to pay £1.20 for a sexy bottle and a hydrating drink. My favourite is 'Spark' I swear it actually does stimulate my mind and makes me do things 10000 times faster then usual. The packaging typeface is neat and precise, the positioning of the type is great and all the blurbs for the different flavoured water is fab.

Wooden Toy Quarterly

When I found this I had no idea what it was till I read the article, well and the titles. Wooden Toy Quarterly is a heavily designed ‘Boogazine’, half Book, half Magazine. For the new music edition they’ve packaged it in this illustration driven Toybox

So, What do you guys think? Does the product packaging heavily influence your buying decision? I'm really interested in hearing your thoughts...Please let us know!

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nikki said...

yes! i'm just like you haha, i'm a sucker for birds and i had to try green & spring! it's really lovely. the actual products are a bit like aveda -- very gentle and very smellgood :)

deer brains is a great blog guys...i love it. keep up the very good work. i've just started my blog so there's not much on there at the moment, but have a peek if you'd like,




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