Thursday, 14 October 2010

Interview with Matthew the Horse

We blogged about this marvel back in September and we are very delighted to dig deeper into the creative mind that is Matthew the Horse.

Name- Matthew The Horse
Age- 26
Job- Image maker, educator, bad poet
Location- Leeds

Tell us a bit about your life.
I'm from the country side. I grew up in North Yorkshire and its still
my favourite place to visit. I studied at Bath and now live and work
in Leeds. I teach at the art school, encouraging students to draw as
they live their lives. I think its better to ask questions than have
answers. I write stupid poetry and recently came to terms with the
notion that cool doesn't exist and art isn't scary.

Where have you been?
To the hospital. To the kitchen. To the butchers. Into her arms.

What have you seen?
Red Kites flying around the city. There is a breeding program in north
Leeds that has been very successful and now these wonderful huge birds
of prey are living wild along side the bankers and call centre workers.

What else do you want to achieve?

I would like to make work that isn't easy. I'd like to change
everything I do. I'd like to still be an artist when I'm grown up.

Where did your love of design come from?
Good ideas are valuable, as are other people. I enjoy solving problems
and making people smile.

What programmes do you use to create your work
Bit of photoshop and a bit of illustrator depending on the problem to
solve. Though I'm trying to focus on the analogue as much as I can.
Drawing is king and always will be

Have you had any success within your work? Features in magazines? Papers?
I work for The Guardian once a month and have a sound, developing
client list but it's not easy finding work right now and I'm keen to
refine the commercial side of my practice. Success however, is much
more about improving and discovering new ways of working I like to

We think your work is very 'offbeat' and slightly strange, where do these little characters come from?
People, ideas, community, humour, story telling, ideals. I like the
idea of invented worlds and people that somehow reference and satirize
the world we live in.

Explain the name behind your clothing line H-O-R-S-E?
They are lovely creatures, strong and hairy. I think a horse can be
sad but also has to get on with ploughing or jumping. It's a nice word
and doesnt seem to swagger too much.

Any new products coming from H-O-R-S-E?
I plan to release some new designs next year. Possibly some exciting
new artists as well, maybe some colour, maybe some underpants.

Top 5 Places
The hill, the woods, the waterfalls, the offy, her house. In that order

Top 5 Blogs-

What fashion statement do you love/hate?
I appreciate anyone making the effort to do whatever it is they're
doing in their own way. I also like meeting people who are living so much it doesn't matter
how shit their shoes are. They are great people.

What/who inspires you?
People who have thought about what it is they're doing before they do
it. I like being silly, when I can, but its difficult in the adult world.
I suppose I just try and make work that is reflective of my day to day

Which websites do you visit regular?
I like looking at bicycles online and I often watch this video of a
calming stream when I'm having a long day... (we would of popped it up here but the embedding is disabled, check it though!)

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