Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Lazy Oaf Press Day | 13th October

We attended the Lazy Oaf Press Event last Wednesday and we loved it.
A small shop off of the lively Carnaby street with so much colour, originality, and design, that it makes you want to pick up everything and look at it Intently trying to work each item out. It's fun fashion, bold, and you'd definitely stand put of the crowd in the best possible way with a lazy oaf ensemble. I also loved the jewellery. One very cute little pendent with a Small 'sad face' on one side, and a 'happy face' on the other was something that appealed to me in-particular. Something I'd totally use in the day to pre empt my mood for whatever moments 'd feel the need to, I love gimmicks, fortunes, and horoscopes so this was right up my street ;) ...school satchels as brightly coloured as I would have loved them when I was a kid, all original, I didn't see one the same. These bags maybe wouldn't be something I'd Personally buy, but I still admire The design, colours, and thoughts Which went into every bag. Even down to the tote bags, amazing cheeky designs there too. Especially the 'rainbows are shit' black and White tote, and the lazy oaf loafers tote bag, Where you can have an extra pair of legs to keep you going, as written by Lazy Oaf themselves. 'Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to work your feet they just don't want to budge'

I certainly will be paying Lazy Oaf a visit in the future, especially when they're new collection is available to buy (6 weeks for some items).

A friendly group of people selling brilliant design pieces for everyday wear, or use. Thumbs up guys.

Like what you see?
You can attend the Lazy Oaf Press Launch Event this Thursday for more information please click here.

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