Friday, 14 January 2011

Birthday Giveaway #2

Last week we gave you the girls giveaway with brands such as Lazy Oaf and Velvet Store getting involved this week we have been equally blessed to have some fantastic brands giving YOU some super gifts.

Alkr was born to protect your ipad,
macbook, iphone or ipod. We have got our hands on two ipad protection sleeves. As well as a selection of ALKR stickers.

To view the rest of ALKR please go here.
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The amazingly kind folks over at Soapbox have included one of their tees, 'the warrior shirt' to be given away in our little competition. Every one of their designs is hand drawn and limited, often to as low as 25 pieces! With a versatile and eclectic range of suburban, streetwear apparel they've gain a well deserved fan base with us at Deerbrains included...We struggled to let this one go.
For more from Soapbox click here.
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The milk carton all seeing eye from black milk is a another tee we have thrown into the mix. The boys of Black Milk consistently nail it whether it's their mixtapes or graphic tees hence why we figured they should be included!

For more on the brand click here.


By now you've figured out we like t-shirts. It would simply be blaphemous not to include one of the most talented UK streetwear brands making it's mark within the niche. After some recent logo revamping we're pleased to include the DBD black logo print tee in our giveaway. SATORI!

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RISE doesn't mess about when it comes to custom cut and sew screen print apparels. Bold new designs from their 2010 series saw them jump into the spotlight of recognition and they're continuing strong into 2011 with a collection of sweaters, hoodies and even a few image leaks of snapbacks and fitted caps. Keep locked in on these guys over the next year. For now, behold the Damask tee we're giving away.

For more info on RISE click here.


If you're a regular follower of our blog you will know that we love this brand from Ben Haskings. Ben's kindly donated his 'scroll t-shirt' for y'all.
To view more information on Bake Design please go here.
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Firm supportives of Deer Brains from the start, the lovely Mark has donated this fab tee.

To view more information about Moog Royale please click here.
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We are absolutely chuffed with these, a brand that we think are UH-MAZING. Great concept, great attention to detail and great designs.

Ben has donated our the Naomi Campbell - Blood Diamond (our fave!) and Double delights.

To view the rest of 2 Sick Bastards please click here.
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Dickies is a great value, hardwearing, functional workwear. Dickies; the preferred choice for workers worldwide. We remember being at school and everyone having their hoodie on! So we are super excited to be able to give you a couple of pairs of work trousers, beige and blue, as well as a couple of items from their colloboration with Rebel 8! From the almighty Glenn Kitson.

(Pictures of the exact items coming soon!)

For more information on Dickies please click here.
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The team over at denimology have kindly given us a pair of premium denim jeans. They don't take premium lightly. Which is why they've selected a pair of NOBODY jeans to be added to our birthday giveaway. They're a standard 32" waist tube leg fit, said to be a popular style for the new decade. So it looks like you'll be ahead of the trend!

For more on denimology click here.
For more on Nobody Jeans click here.


For more information on Rockers please click here.
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Like the girls we have three super posters including the limited edition Banksy one. We remember when this was released and EVERYONE wanted one.

To view more information on Don't Panic please click here.
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To add to the massive list we have some CTRL coming up for you as well, details to follow when we get them.
You will also receive a few packs of our Deer Brains – CMYK Brains pins.

All you have to do is follow these rules:

- Leave us a comment stating what your new years resolution is....the more inventive, thoughtful and creative the better as we'll be selecting the best entry to win the biggest give-away we've ever done! (They have to be real resolutions mind!)
- Go over to our Facebook fan page and like your favourite item in this album.
- Tweet 'Happy 1st Birthday Deer Brains #DBbigbdgiveaway'

Simple right? We will leave this running for one month and will pick a winner on the 15th February 2011.

Best of luck to all! Thank you for making our year amazing x


Dorrell Merritt said...

be more relentless, outgoing and hardworking as life is too short for sitting back and waiting...

Cindy said...

My new years resolution is to find a few minutes each day just for me, to do whatever I want.

Wipe Clean said...

My new years resolution was to rediscover jazz music, but first I have to discover jazz music. Turning it all around in one year should prove testing. But i'm still hopeful.

Milo said...

I'm gonna be a vegetarian and be much more loving towards my girlfriend. Oh and to try and get published every other month.....

RTJ said...

I can't just pick one that would be too easy, I have set myself a few goals this year which I believe are all achievable if I put the work in.

1. Get some of my photography and writing work published in a printed magazine.

2. Reach Divemaster Qualification

3. Go back to the Red Sea and get photos of the Oceanic White Tips

4. Complete another Charity exhibition with sale of my photographic images, but be more successful this year.

5. Complete my free diving courses and train myself to hold my breath for 3 minutes.

If I were to sum it up, it would be to achieve alot and have a great year.

All the best to everyone at Deer Brains.



Steve said...

My New Years Resolution took a lot of thought and effort this year, and I narrowed it down to one after hours of painstaking decision making.

It is..

1. Win more competitions that I enter online after never having won one.


Alex Douglas said...

My new years resolution is to apply myself to getting songs unstuck from my head. My biggest opponents at the moment are "Black and yellow, Black and yellow, Black and yellow!" And "I whip my..."


marta lucy summer said...

new years resolutions: to accept the unpredictable, embrace inner darkness, but be as kind as possible to those around. plus read a fuckload of books.

emerse said...

Find happiness within a real and permanent state of consciousness.

Intrcty said...

My new years resolution is to get a better paid job so I can spend more money on street casuals!

Origin said...

my new years resolution is to love and cherish deerbrains every minute of the year. Also, it's too inspire and get as much respect from my community, whoever it may be. I think that's a good new years resolution to be fair.

Justin Mark said...

Selling huge men's street wear apparel and women's street wear apparel is my new year resolution.

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