Wednesday, 27 July 2011

I love you completely part #17.

Gorgeous glorified Tumblr. We are pretty sure they've just sourced all these images from 1,000's of Tumblrs but we are pretty happy that they did. Also, full of fashion, news,  art, inspiration and more.

Garance Dore. 
Wonderful fashion blog from a lady who wanted to express her opinions and gain feedback on her work.  "I had just discovered blogs and decided it could be a great way to get feedback about my work. I opened my blog and published a few of my drawings, and soon after started adding text to them. I found joy in sharing snippets of my life – what got me thinking, inspired me, or just made me laugh."

The Hair Pin.
A witty look into celebrity, fashion, beauty and pretty much anything you could want in your life. Just take a look at this article here about looking tired. "3. Ask the Man If Anyone Ever Asks Him If He Looks Tired — Just kidding! Men never look tired, they only look more powerful." Genius!

Hooked blog.
Perfect for any street art, graffti lover.

Unhappy Hipsters.
Who said being 'cool' was a treat for all huh? Going with the vibe of 'modern living is lonely' this blog tries to prove that being a hot hipster isn't as dope as you may thing. Some pretty neat houses in these posts.

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