Thursday, 11 August 2011


As we all know pesky kids and grown adults hit the streets of London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester and God knows where else to cause some majorly fucked up havoc this week. We were glued to our TV, Twitter and Facebook on Monday night as this absolutely horrific act was carried out.

It came to our attention today that kids as young as 11 years old have been arrested. Now, you tell us that this isn't the parents fault, what the FUCK are they doing letting their kids out at that time of night? We are deeply appauled by the nations young behaviour and we really suggest getting some American boot camp esque up on their asses.

When we were young we would be riding our bikes, playing in the parks or chillin' having sleepovers. It's all very scary and we hope that we can patch up our country and seize those involved.

What kind of action do you think these kids should face?

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