Monday, 10 October 2011

Feature: Hollie Fernando

Hollie Fernando is a 19 year old photographer from London. We asked Hollie to give us a little insight into her passion.

I love working mainly with film, and the cameras that I use the most are my Canon T70 and Nikon FA. I know everyone says it, but film really does give you such different effects when compared to digital. A lot of digital images are edited to look like film! I think the world of technology is growing too fast, and it really scares me that there are going to be cameras out soon that take photos enabling you to change the depth of field in post production!

It may have been because I found my love of photography in the darkrooms at college that I prefer film, but nothing beats the soft grain and textures that it creates. I was very lucky to have such an inspiring photographic technician at college, he really taught me all the ropes to using film and his powerful passion definitely rubbed off on me.

I would say the main inspirations of my work are youth, innocence and nature. I like to create stories and feelings through my photographs play on these ideas to help achieve this. Some inspirational photographers to me at the moment are Helen Korpak, Lukasz Wierzbowski, Lina Scheynius and Luke Byrne. Sally Mann has also always been an inspiration, she is just a god.

Working for brands such as DRTE and SBTV, I have also found a great love for streetware photography, which I am aiming to do more of. I like to bring my own style of photography to their products, making fun and natural lookbooks which I think is different and is adequate to the feel they are looking for with their brands.

You can view more of Hollie's work here.

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Alex said...

Awesome interview, I love Hollie's work!

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