Tuesday, 18 October 2011

I love you completely part #20

Their 'About us' section simply says 'Evil Twins who like pretty things' pretty cool, straight to the point. A cute little blog full of fab creative things, fashion tips, ideas, film and more direct from NYC.

Louder Than Silence is a blog by Sally & Ross, a couple from London town. He takes (most of) the photographs and she writes (most of) the words. We just LOVE it. One of the few fashion partnership blogs that we have found that we actually like. Great pictures, good words and cute notions. A must read.

Okay, so non of us Deer Brainers are planning on getting married anytime soon but we are pretty sure that when we are ready to say 'I do!' we will be hitting this website for inspiration. There are some things on there like this and this that we just want wedding or not!

Backyard Bill.
Wonderful pictures of NYC beauties and little mini interviews on bloggers, again a big must read if you're a fashion freak. We also think this chick here is absolutely beautiful!

Spook Magazine.
Spook is a progressive magazine that grew independently and remains as such. Since its humble beginnings Spook has developed into a highly regarded fresh source of news that covers national content with a global conscience. The Spook collective tendrils extend far and wide and retract into a neat little paper package for your mental digestion.

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