Thursday, 13 October 2011

John Thurbin

John Thurbin has talent. It's a fact.
We were pretty excited to hear that his shop has just been stocked up with some really great pieces including a work requested by the awesome OnOff Collective, a two colour Risograph print on the theme 'Analogue vs Digital' entitled 'Always Be Willing To Get Your Hands Dirty'. You'll be shocked to find how incredibly affordable his work is.....that is, until it sells out and late nights ebay hunting will be the only available means of finding a print.

He's also thrown up a 'working' video of his latest personal project consisting of two meticulously hand drawn posters, a stop-frame animation and 50 screen prints...yes, again, only 50. Don't wait around, we didn't.

It's inevitable, John Thurbin will triumph...and not just because we love him.

For more info click here.

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