Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Backstage at Frank Turner With Sealegs

It's Friday 13th, a day you wake up with the fear of something bad happening to you. Thankfully this wasn't the case, as it turned out to work out to be one of the greatest days I'd had in a while. I was here, at Wembley Arena, where Frank Turner, Beans on Toast, Billy Brag, Scroobius Pip & Dan Le Sac were to perform later that evening, at a show that was sold out.

SEALEGS were the production company set with the task of filming the whole event. With a decently sized crew of 15 incredibly positive people, it was a pleasure to see it all come together. Most of the day consisted walking around the arena, setting up equipment, smoking (tobacco, not weed) and running tests during soundcheck.

"We really shouldn't be here, we should be those people queuing outside," director, Jack, mentions in the interview. The fact they're so down to earth, and just genuinely nice people makes them stand out from amongst the production companies ruled by coke snorting know it alls.

Find out how they started the company and what they got up to during the day in the video below.

BEHIND THE SCENES AT FRANK TURNER from Katia Ganfield on Vimeo.

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