Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Craig Green

We wanted to share today’s BoF (The Business of Fashion) spotlight designer Craig Green. Fresh out of London, spending seven years at Central St Martins now finishing off his MA in Fashion Design. Craig recently showcased his AW12 menswear collection on the CSM catwalk at London Fashion Week.

Green now catching the eyes of the industry with his experimental approach most notably being recognised for his three-dimensional shapes made of papier-mâché and wood. His collection remains intriguing to us, wondering what inspiration sparked these designs…
The minimal colour palette of complete black and cream with blocks of tie die reflects a deeper concept of light and dark of his collection. The silhouettes also remain minimalist with a contrast from the boxes and cylindrical shapes attached to the back; cleary taking ideas from religious dress and traveling. Also Craig talks of taking inspiration from dinner lady uniforms and old world porters being weighed down by luggage.

Green is a fascinating example of how new high fashion designers are pioneering into different levels of the fashion world and exploring with no boundaries or restrictions. Unique collections like this emerge with tons of originality and imagination; often to be seen from graduates from such high-status schools.
Greens pieces could be seen more as an art form rather than a wearable collection and also stands as interesting inspiration or a stimuluous for ideas to other artists and designers. 

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Vilte said...

I LOVE this designer! I even recreated one of his massive head pieces on my blog :')

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