Monday, 30 April 2012

M & S - Shwopping.

...I take a late lunch only to notice that my sister has sent me a tirade of text messages about the event I was attending that evening. 'Joanna Lumley has been promoting the M&S/Oxfam shwopping incentive on tv! There's a tonne of T-Shirts hung up the buildings on brick lane!' - I knew my rubbish day slaving for the NHS was about to get fun! Thank you DEERBRAINS. ...and so it was, right next to Big Chill Bar at the old Truman Brewery, what can only be thousands of old clothes decorating the walls! I later discovered this was the amount of clothes that end up in landfill that could have gone to charity, or been sent else where to clothe those less fortunate than ourselves. 'disposable fashion' doesn't mean we need to chuck out everything after one wear, this is where M&S have collaborated with Oxfam to encourage people to recycle those clothes, either through sustainable fashion by dropping off unwanted clothes to any M&S host on a shopping trip, or by helping out your local charity shops, Oxfam in this case ideally! ...and what a fantastic message, and an even better ambassador for the scheme! Joanna Lumley looking quite frankly stunning networking at the event.

Not to mention a few of my favourite 'real' celebrities like Dawn Porter (love her!), Cherry Healy, Caroline Flack, and Gemma Cairney on the decks getting all the decent tunes out there! ...this is to name only a few. Brilliant to see so many recognisable faces supporting such a brilliant cause. So thanks M&S and Oxfam for the champers and canap├ęs. I hope your hard work is a roaring success! I've been shwopping already. Others, take note! F & T x

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