Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Notion: Jeremy Scott X Adidas

We love Notion magazine's recent shoot featuring the Jeremy Scott for Adidas SS12 line. The vibrant colours, loud graphics and crazy designs from the shoot make our eyes pop and the styling of the models are just as impressive (the super long blue pig tails, pink eyebrows & gemstone combo is incredible).

If you like wild designs and bold prints you will love the rest of the line. Seeing a lot of stars and stripes, leopard print, gemstones, sequins and tassling as well as some more tame jackets and wearable tees.

Cant help but deliberate how wearable some of the pieces from the collection really are, such as the monkey trainers, winged jacket, rulered joggers and hightops? But never the less, a very playful and daring collection from Jeremy Scott and one that many appreciate.

Watch behind the scenes footage at the JS X Adidas shoot to see the whole collection.

Photos from the lastest issue of Notion Magazine.

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トリー バーチ(tory burch) said...

モンクレール ベストトリーバーチ 財布の注目すべきところはやはり流行に左右されないデザインだろう、キュートで綺麗な見た目を加えて、機能性もしっかり備わっている。良質な天然素材を採用しているから、手触りも文句なし、内側に多数のポケットが配置され、実用性も完璧。toryburchはどんな季節でもその魅力が変わらなく、地味でもさり気なく存在感を周りにアピール、女性の自信を高める。

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