Thursday, 3 May 2012


DRTE is a London based menswear brand founded in 2008, not your usual new 'apparel' outfit claiming to focus on design using fresh new talent that are only fresh for the instant they are printed on some lame TEE. DRTE collaborate with real talent, no need for labels to gain support. A.L.B (Arrogant Little Boy) is a artist/illustrator residing in Epson one of London's many suburbs, his work is refreshing in that it isn't playing on whatever the latest hipster trend is. He has also contributed to our Flickr group on a few occasions. We are definitely into this collaboration, we like up coming brands that show real potential which DRTE does and DRTE actually supports the artists that contribute. A nice and rare ethic to have these days, everyone wants something for free.

To purchase head to DRTE's shop and follow A.L.B.


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