Thursday, 7 January 2010

Dark Days, 2000 Marc Singer

My love of films started when I was about 4 I used to watch Alice in Wonderland every day and I've been memorised by it ever since, it kind of annoys me how it's become so cliché and 'cool' these days but anyways...Labyrinth, Look Who's Talking Now and Grease were also highlights when I was younger, I would sit there with my sister, singing, dancing, crying and loving these films.

I went on to take an A-level in Film Studies and my teacher opened us up to these amazing films with punchy story lines and outstanding cinematography; Gummo, Leon, Strangers on a train, Casablanca, Elephant, Nosferatu, Un Chein Andalou, Performance, Jules et Jim These films (amongst many more) have made me not only fascinated by the art of film making but respectful of the directors brains and choices as some of these films are hard hitting.

The one film that stood out to me the most was "Dark Days", a documentary made in 2000, by Marc Singer, who spent two years capturing the footage, with a sound track setting by DJ Shadow (Josh Davis).
Filmed in black and white with some scenes resembling a still painting, Dark Days brings a brilliant portray of homeless people living under Penn Station in New York City. From start to finish I was intrigued, captivated and over whelmed by the struggles and the actual kindness and sweetness of these people.
It opened my mind fully and changed my feelings towards homeless people.

The opening sequence

My favourite part

I strongly recommend that you watch this film.


Anonymous said...

This film is savage.

Dephect Clothing said...

The video was very interesting. Very enjoyable to watch for.

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