Friday, 8 January 2010

Hi my name is...

I'll keep this quick.
I am Stephanie.
I'm interested in type, hype, you, me, sleeping, music, photography, design, social networking, media, make-up, amanda lepore, no doubt, marketing, fashion, passion, kitties, deers, owls,films, travelling, gunter brus, wes anderson, cups of tea, taste.

I'm pretty stoked about being 1/4 of DEER BRAINS it's something I've wanted to do for a long time and I'm glad it's finally been made. I admire and get slightly jealous of all the wonderful talent that surrounds me and I hope to bring to you the things that have inspired me for so long as well as receive love mail/hate mail on my very own creations.

Man, 2007.

'This is where it all started this is where it all ends' Home, 2006.

'My body is just a bit of the world I happen to be inside' University, Typography, 2007.

'I Love You baby' The First picture I ever took with a SLR, College 2003.

'My baby, my love, my boy' University, Manipulation and moving image. 2007.

'This is never over'

Girl, University, 2006.

London Eye, 2008.

College, 2003-2006

Unfinished, 2009.

'Elton John/Child Abuse' Campaign 2009.

Abuse, Praise and anything else you would like to add would be greatly appreciated.

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Suffocake said...

I think your first point of action should be to finish your 'untitled' piece. Id really love to see where it leads because it's pretty excellent already.

I really like your photography too. I've really enjoyed what you've posted so far, looking forward to seeing more.

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