Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Interview with Andrew Richards of HelloGoodbye.

We are stoked to be able to catch five minutes with the newest member of top American band 'HelloGoodbye'
HelloGoodbye are most famous for their hit 'Here in your arms' which stormed the charts in the UK and US in 2007. Absolutely massive state side, signed to pop-preppy-punk label Drive Thru Records, currently on tour with 'New Found Glory' and 'Saves the Day'; British born lad Andrew Richards A.K.A Choppa to explain more.

Name Andrew Richards
Age 23
Job Guitarist and other stringed things.
Location Long Beach, CA
Website www.hellogoodbye.net
Twitter tabascofiasco

Where do you prefer living England or USA?
Right now, US because it makes more sense for me. But it's always nice to be in England to see friends etc.

Do you miss your friends and family when your on tour in the states?

My schedules not really too hectic at the moment so I'm never really away for long enough to really miss them, it's really nice to get away most times. But i guess i miss out on the little things, friends parties, birthdays and just generally going out stuff like that.

We understand that you featured in the HelloGoodbye video for 'Here in your arms' How did that come about?
It was filmed on one of our days off during tour so we were hanging out anyways and there was a couple extra shirts and costumes. It was fun, we'd just be standing there and someone would be like 'go do this' or 'make out with that girl' we were more involved than we originally thought.

And now you're in the band?
Yes ma'am.

What does it feel like touring with such a successful band?

It's fun just to be able to play everyday and experience situations that you normally wouldn't get to experience.

What are the High points/Low points of touring?

Every days different, I guess thats a high and a low. I mean one day you could be in a great city or place and have the best time. But then another you could be in some real shitty place with no where to eat or be travelling for a million hours.

What was the best tour you went on? Who was it with?

We just toured this summer with Fun, Limbeck and my favorite highway. Excuse the pun but that was a ton of fun. We BBQ'd mostly everyday and found cool rock jumps/ skate spots. Either that or the tour we just did with Sherwood, Steel Train and Hanson. Steel Train are all beautiful bastards. I'm really looking forward to this next tour with Saves the Day and NFG - I'm hoping not to go completely deaf from listening to STD's set everyday.

Any dirtttty gossip on the other band members?

They've all got armadillos in they're pants.

What/Who inspires you?
Brandon Flowers. Dreamboat.

Hellogoodbye - Use Your Sole Tour from forrest kline on Vimeo.

Which websites do you visit regularly?
Just the usual Facebook and Twitter. Unfortunately Myspace is like an elephants grave yard nowadays.

Where is your favourite place to be?
Seattle and CA are both equally awesome. Either that or London with mates.

Thank You! XOXO Any thing else to say?

HelloGoodbye are now touring with New Found Glory, Saves the Day & Fireworks.

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