Friday, 12 February 2010

Jules et Jim (François Truffaut, 1962)

Another take on a film that I watched during my A-Level Film Studies.
You can view the 'Dark Days' one here

"In 1912, in Paris, the French bon-vivant Jim meets the insecure German Jules and they begin a great friendship. When they meet the fickle and independent French Catherine, they immediately fall in love with her. However the naiveness and fragility of Jules attracts the amoral Catherine and she marries him. With the First World War, the best friends Jules and Jim are separated, but after the war they reunite in Jules's cottage in Germany. Jim stays with Jules, Catherine and their daughter Sabine, and Jules tells his friend that while he has lived with Catherine she has had affairs with several lovers. When Catherine falls in love with Jim, Jules asks him to stay with her at his house. Along the years, Jules and Jim live a triangle of love with Catherine, but never affecting their friendship and respect. "

This film is so emotionally raw it's unreal and it's perfect.
Most of it if not all of it is in sub titles so you have to really focus but the way it's shot and the setting are just wonderful.

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