Friday, 19 March 2010

Interview with Prjct Myhm

Princess Sections + Captain Clamp + Troystick=Prjct Myhm led by the dirty mouthed Lucy aka Princess Sections are impressively becoming an expanding credit to the dubstep scene.

Support slots include Rusko and Skream and have also played a wide set of festivals including 'Great Escape' and 'Loop'.

Welcome to the crazy life of Brighton based Prjct Myhm.

Name- Prjct Myhm
Age- Almost 2 years
Job- Music makers, professional idiots. record label executives
Location- Brighton
Website- , ,
Twitter- prjctmyhmblud

Welcome to DEER BRAINS, How are you today?
Captain Clamp: I'm good it's sunny and I'm gonna get high
Princess Sections: Stressed, tired, pissed off at life. but feeling slightly productive none the less.

When did you realise that you wanted to get into making music?
PS: When I realised a legitimate career would totally cramp my style.
CC: Just for laughs with mates really after we had finished school and realised how harsh the real world was gonna be.

Prjct Myhm EP Teaser...Release Date 29th March 2010 on Booty Galaxy by Prjct Myhm

(Image by Sam Hiscox.)

Tell us a little bit about your background did you study music?
PS: you could call it studying I suppose, mostly an excuse to live the student lifestyle for a bit and get a student loan. Some teachers liked me I guess but i wasn't really about studying. My priority was more about the Myhm, and less about learning shitty covers. I bllllaaagggged a pass.
CC: I got a distinction, spent all my student loan on laptops and booze. There's even a shrine to me in the common room. Prjct Myhm started just as I was finishing, I met Sections and got her in to do some vocals over some sketchy beats I had made for an assignment. We realised we good do a lot better, made a 3 song demo in one night, then got booked for a couple of gigs that week and the PrjctMyhm was born.

Where do you see yourself ending up?
In the gutter. Or maybe one day we will get nice office jobs for corporations and settle down in the suburbs

Who are your biggest influences?
People always think it's gonna be someone like peaches, m.i.a or uffie just cause they talk about there vaginas and shit but I can honestly say I've only listened to their singles. Steven Seagal, Old Dirty Bastard, and whatever I'm feeling that day are what helps me write a song. But we do reference/rip off a plethora of artists depending on the track we're making at the time. Try and figure it out for yourselves, we don't want the musicologists hunting us down.

What's the best gig you've done?
PS: In france we got so much free booze, and food and coffee it was ridiculous, people thought we were a big deal for some reason. It felt good. Old Music Library for WHite Nighta was also insane, we were each on a different floor and had varying experiences all of which were epic.
CC: Yeah France was sick, also all the Club Mayhem's we used to put on t Tom's Gallery were awesome, way too many people crushed into a tiny basement with all the drugs they could wish for

And the worst?
We once played at the Engine rooms to a group of underage german kids as a welcome to Brighton type shindig. We were promised 100 pounds and were never paid. Everyone was stone cold sober and all they wanted was some german version of the Jonas brothers or something but they were stuck with us. We headed straght to an open mic night to try and massage our egos a bit. Luckily we got laid that night.

Do you think myspace is still an important place to display music?
I think its still important to have a myspace page as people do still go therte to listen to tunes,however the last few months we've been gettin a ,lot less hits on myspace than we used to and more on Soundcloud. We get a lot of our gig offers on myspace still and it's a pretty easy way of getting in contact with people. people shouldn't hate on myspace too hard,

What are your biggest inspirations?
Making tunes that are whack and gettin that cash money

Your launch party is with none other then High Rankin how did this collaboration come about?
I think he just wanted to talk to a real life girl. Look out for cameo appearances from us in the video for his new single Meow Meow.

You can buy tickets for this event here.

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