Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Emma Day - Photographer.

Emma Day is coming up to the end of her degree, she is portraying a series of work about a tweleve year old girl who looks significantly older than her age.

These images sparked my own ideas for my photography section in my BA honours Multimedia Design course.
Unfortunetly I have somehow misplaced the images I created but I set up a series of four images going through the transistion of a drag queen one was a very strong face shot of my flatmate Tristan, the next was of him with a little bit of make-up and so on and so forth untill the fourth image of him barely recognisble I absolutely loved doing this not only was it fun but it really did portray a 'before' and 'after' shot of a completely different looking person. It was brilliant. I love how images just portray something for that time being and underneath it all there is always a big backlog of story...Just like life. Emma's work really reminded me of the fact that you just don't know what lies beneath a photo

You can view more pictures of Emma's work here.

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