Thursday, 22 April 2010

I love you completely part 3.

1. Made in England.
I completely love this cute bright website. Full of kitsch esque information on homemade crafts and lots of other cute goodies.

2. Mademoiselle Robot
To be honest if you haven't been here before now then you suck. Laetitia is pretty much everywhere at the moment from the Telegraph to ASOS. Biggest blog inspiration by far!

3. La Photocabine
So much fun! I don't actually get that bored anymore but when I do I always head of to this site to get my absolute pose on...As you can see from this picture :)

4. Tinhed - Illustration
I love this boy. We met in 2005 and I was pretty off my nut and he let me pass out on his leg on Brighton beach...What a true friend! <3 that aside he is a really talented guy not only has he modelled for I.D magazine he has created all the art work for the indie band 'Foals'

Another shout out to my gorgeous past Deer Brainer, Spasia. Her poems and drawings are amazing. I don't have a clue what part of her brain comes up with these great wordings but I want a slice. xxx

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