Saturday, 10 April 2010

I love you completely part 2.

So, last week we bought you this.
This week we bring you these internet whirlwinds that have currently been capturing my heart.

In the past nine months my life has just been catapulted into a busy schedule that it's impossible to do anything without writing lists. As I am online 24/7 I find it much easier to electronically write down what I have to do rather then put it all on paper, because knowing me I would probably lose it.

2. Jessie Mae Blog
Predominantly written by our DEER BRAINS lady Sofi, everything on here is just utter cool great style tips, great interviews with stylish hot girls and cute little written pieces about make-up and other bloggers.

3. It's Nice That.
To be honest if you're into design and photography and you don't know about this then I just assume that you're as not passionate about it as you think you are it is the ultimate site to all things wonderful! Actually squeal with delight on some of the things I see here.

4. Style Noir
Fashion news, fashion best bits, unusual fashion...lovely.

5. Adam Burrell
Amazing, Amazing make-up artist can't get over how inspiring his work is...WOW!

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