Sunday, 18 April 2010

Review: De Lacy

Edward Hugh de Lacy grew up in Suffolk before moving north to study for a Fine Art Degree at Leeds Metropolitan University at the turn of the new millennium.
Whilst finding out where all the best bars and clubs were he was also attending university. He worked across a broad range of mediums including painting, installation, and book art amongst others. After exploring different styles he decided to specialise in minimalist sculpture.
During his time at University Edward also developed an interest in handbag design and more specifically leather handbag design. He was interested as much in the material as the actual objects: "I always loved the natural lines around the edge of the leather hide and use these within the design of my bags to produce naturally beautiful lines or ridged, natural and organic shapes". This is still evident in the design of many of the bags now. Edward challenged himself to not only master the art of sewing but also the challenges of practical design encompassed with beautiful design - a challenge many designers are faced with but few conquer with such style.
The 'de Lacy' brand was officially born in 2004 in the Leeds Corn Exchange when Edward hired a stall at the weekly design market where he began to sell his designs.

Edward DeLacy contacted me at the beginning of March asking if I was prepared to review one of his bags, after finding out a little bit about the designer and the product I agreed.

A few days later I received this blank patent chained clutch bag.

First Thoughts.
I'm not a massive clutch bag fan but I loved the Skull bag charm and it was big enough to store all my night out goodies in; keys, cigarettes, lighter, lip balm, bronzer and purse.

First use.
Initially I thought this bag was going to really irritate me and I thought the chain detail would clank together...Absolutely no 'clanking' happened and I really liked the use and weight off it and it added chic to my outfit. I had many people commenting on the clutch saying it was gorgeous asking me where I got it from.

Wear and Tear?
2 Months down the line and I've pretty much used it on every night out with the girls since receiving it and it's still in absolute pristine condition.

If I saw this in a shop I would of never of bought it but I'm so glad that I got sent this as like I said it added chic; If I just wanted to wear a stripy top and a pair of jeans out this was the perfect accessory. I highly recommended checking out Edward's other range, the bags are fun and are really well made.

All in all a strong 8/10

You can view Edward De Lacy's line here.

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