Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Interview with Gurn Gurn Gurn

Akinola runs and maintains a fabolous blog called 'Gurn' full of naughty pictures, drunken antics, music and lifestyle.

My alias is Crack Stevens but my friends just call me Akin

I'm the rip old age of 25 but apparently I could pass for 17

I guess I'd call myself a part time journalist, video editor and film maker all part time.

I live in London by way of Dalston

www.gurngurngurn.com although I now contribute to a few websites but thats the only one I'm willing to promote now.


Welcome to DEER BRAINS, How are you today?
I'm pretty good thank you about to go and have a swimming lesson in the local Lido. I cant tread water, dense bones and all that jazz.

Tell us a bit about your life, Where have you been? What have you seen? What
else do you want to acheive?

About my life, hmm I was born in London, seen my mum verbally assault a cabbie, lived in Nigeria till my early teens where I learnt to dance, play football and eat for 2. I've lived in New York a couple of times where I gained an obsession with music, mainly hip hop but that has now expanded to a lot of just music. Shit I've lived in the Kent where my first ever job was cherry picking. I moved to Brighton where I discovered that its okay to be different and also to embrace difference. Now I live in London where I've learnt that you have to know someone who knows someone.

As for what I want to achieve, I don't know yet I'd like to say something profound and deep but I'm just content to see tomorrow. I guess I want to make lots of films and documentaries. I want to travel at the same time and explore other cultures. But for this week and the immediate future I just want to learn how to swim.

Gurn Gurn Gurn...What is all that about?
It is basically a blog a couple of friends initially made after University to stay in touch and share funny things with one another. Then it kinda became this space where we would promote what a lot of other friends were doing be it musically or if they were putting on exhibitions. It's still basically that, but we put we put up a lot of hip hop music. I wouldnt say thats all we do but I'm a serial blogger and I blog the most so it would appear to be a hip hop blog. It's not!

What bands influenced you when growing up?
Wow growing up my first ever tape was Elvis Pressley, my mum gave it to me along with a heap of gospel music. I remember Kirk Franklin. But then there was Shabba Ranks, Patra and I guess like everyone else Micheal Jackson. The first hip hop tune I remember that totally captivated my attention was Tupacs' "Hit em up". I was like this is the most insane thing I ever heard!

You seem to feature some of the best music in hip hop, where do you source this information from?
Not anywhere particularly out of the ordinary. I'm quite observant so twitter and a few other blogs (which I try and credit). I also used to intern for a magazine in New York called The Fader and I trust their judgment so a bit from there. But there are a few blogs I rate. Nah Right, Hypebeast, Party n Bullshit, BNTL, Chantelle Fiddy and Hattie Collins are good to look at from time to time. But yeah anywhere from vimeo to twitter to the newspaper to thathipsterporn tumblr.

Where would you like to go with your music blog?
It's not a music blog but I forgive you for thinking so. Erm we'd like to generate more of our own content. Unfortunately my fellow contributors are busy so they hardly ever blog as much as I do. But interviews with people we like, maybe throw a night. Just get to document stuff but not limit it to to anything in particular.

What are your top 3 songs of the moment?
Erm - John Martyn - Solid Air
J. Cole - Grown Simba
A Nigerian group called SDC - The dreamer

Which websites do you visit regularly?
The Fader, Rockers NYC, facebook, twitter, thathipsterporn tumblr (not suitable for the work place) - Organicbz.com, Dontwatchthat.tv, drizzholla.blogspot.com, samhiscox.blogspot.com, darkdaze.tumblr.com. Just to name a few oh yeah and deerbrains.blogspot.com!!

Where is your favourite place to be?
Hanging out with my mum because she feeds me! Otherwise with friends around a dinner table chatting shit to one another but not caring about anything else. Failing that, BED.

Thank You! XOXO Any thing else to say? Any advice for aspring bands?
Yeah you should all check out my blog and if you don't then what's the difference. As for young bands shit when people say be original literally be original, make some shit you love but is so far left field you end up in communist china. Have fun and believe in yourself because no one else will.

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