Thursday, 8 July 2010


Six months on and it's been incredible.

New interests from Vitamin Water, Lisa Eldridge, Fat Sea Gull, Kitty Cowell, Daisy Lowe not to mention others.

And still love and support from Don't Panic, Swell Vintage, Moog Royale Say May Day and fans.

We've now hit 3 reviews, 1 interview that you can read here and over 25,000 views.
We've had plenty of ideas of late and two have successfully been put into action.

We've had a special logo drawn especially for us by What do you guys think?

We've also been joined by a new contributer:

† Richard Elliott †
BMX, punk rock, DIY, Sartre, shredding, corpse paint, dream girls, black coffee, summer, strongbads, black metal, tabletops, Nietzsche, going fast, KISS, denim/leather.

I like writing. I've been independently blogging for a while now, but it makes sense to get involved with a collective of rad individuals to MAKE GOOD THINGS HAPPEN. I'm envious of artistically talented folk: make me more so.

We are all very excited to see the work he has for us.
Thanks all!

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