Sunday, 29 August 2010

Keep it on the Down Low // Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes

After abandoning Eastbourne early afternoon my good pal Katie and headed up to London for a day of free sights, dinner and later on to Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes tickets were kindly given to me by Wearesocial.

First stop as to see the birds and dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum it was absolutely packed and as time was short we took a casual fast paced look around everything which suited me fine as I had just gone up there a few months ago. The funniest bit was the mirrors, I think Katie and I hogged them from the kids a bit but hey, we're 23 we are not that old yet.

Moving on from that we headed off to find the venue for tonights shenanigans. After getting off at Holborn we walked over to Russell Square and promptly found our destination...It wasn't that well signed posted but the slight glisps of the bowling pin gave it away! We carried on walking to a nice little cafe/bar place where we both ordered a chicken and bacon ceaser salad (I have no idea why as I hate lettuce and 80% of it was that) and I started on the alcohol.

After dinner we moved on down to a little rowdy pub for another pint before jetting off the venue. On arrival there was no one there except the bouncer, once given information that we were on guestlist he let us over to three chaps who were sitting behind a table...My name wasn't on the guestlist so I'm not sure what happened there, but I explained that I was invited by Jessica/Wearesocial a chap kindly shook mine and Katie's hand and off we went to explore the venue.

This venue just goes to show how random but brilliant London is, separate room for Karoke, spacious dance floor where a few business like goers were using full advantage of it which was pretty funny. Did take forever for the first band to come on but hey, lucky i'm quite patience.

I really enjoyed Daytona Lights, I'm pretty sure I have heard of them through the power of Twitter before but never checked them out. There was a good crowd and a good vibe amongst them. A couple of them reminded me of old college friends which was well...ermmm...nice!

By the time the second band came on I was a bit drunk. The crowd seemed to of sifted and even though I could appreciate that they were good I preferred the first as did my pal Katie.

Unfortunately we had to leave at 11 in order to be back at the station to go home. However, I had such a fun evening and thought the event and the politeness of Stephen was really welcoming and I hope to attend some more DownLow Promotions parties soon and will defiantly be checking our Daytona Lights again.

Shame I didn't catch any of the Wearesocial people (Although I'm pretty sure Tarryn was standing right next to me!) but a very big ta to them for their time to e-mail us and invite us along. x

You can check out Wearesocial here.
You can check out Daytona Lights here.
You can check out DownLow Promotions here.

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