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Interview with Mumdance

Jack Adams AKA Mumdance who worked as Vice magazine’s Events Manager while at university (and programmed the lineups to their Tales Of the Jackalope festivals), is now concentrating on original productions, of which there are plenty. First up is the Transatlantic Riddim, a fiery UK vs US producer & MC clash between Brit-bashment MC Badness and US counterpart 77 Klash over a calypso-Eastern stringed-bongo jam produced by Mumdance & NYC Bass Heavyweight Ac Slater. (Out on Drop The Lime’s Trouble & Bass imprint).

However, the ' Different Circles' mixtape is Mumdance’s current mission statement, showcasing Jack’s kaleidoscopic tastes and studio prowess with 17 of his original productions. Thudding breakbeat/punchy drums are set to Oriental strings and 8bit effects, a synth-led 1980s film score tangles with pulsing ethnic tinged drum funk, abstract grime MC Trim ruminates over zig zagging electro, Esser’s indie vocals are given a Baltimore makeover, while swinging Colombian cumbia meets rat-a tat-grime, as deep techno shapeshifts into bleepy electro and Afro house. A balmy cover of Wookie’s UKG classic 'Battle' (with Esser on vocals), and Mumdance’s instrumental for Jammer’s 10 Man Roll (lead single for Jammer’s LP Jahmanji on Big Dada), complete an exhilarating 37minutes.

We are stoked to grab a quick five minutes with the man himself.

Name - Jack Adams
Age - 26
Job - Producer / DJ
Location - Henfield
Website -
Twitter -

What is Mum Dance?
Mumdance is a stupid name that I thought up, which I use as an anchor for the various cultural products that I sporadically create, it literally doensnt mean anything though, it just sounds funny & rolls off the tongue nice

Who's just been involved in Vice's Creators Project, How was that?
It was really good but really high pressure, myself, Jammer, C Gritz, Sampha & Rodaidh from XL had to create a track in under an hour in front of about 600 drunk hipster types, with no previous preparation. It came out pretty well considering, you can see a video of how it came together here.

Click the link for your free download.
Mumdance ft Esser - Battle (Wookie Cover) by mumdance

What was the best tour you went on? Who was it with?
I did a Vice Magazine tour with Crystal Castles, These New Puritans & The Teenagers which was all round the UK over like 10 days which was a great time with plenty of debauchery & I also did an Oz tour late last year for like a month which was amazing as I got to see so much of the country & Brodinski was out there too so it was good to hang out with him & explore weird places. I also went to Mexico with Cooly G earlier this year which was amazing because it was for the british council an we were Diplomat, we had Diplomatic plates on the car that was driving us & the driver was driving like an absolute arsehole, the police pulled him over an he just pointed to the dlomatic plates an they just fell back, it was mental!

What are the High points/Low points of touring?

High Points - Nice accommodation / loads of booze / adventures / seeing the world / meeting loads of rad people / pretty girls

Low Points - too many airports / being like a month behind with every aspect of your life when you get back / getting lonely & stir crazy / missing planes, I missed like 9 flights last year, including my flight back from OZ

Any dirtttty gossip on the other band members?
High Rankin - shit himself when he was DJing a little while back in Bristol & he didnt have a change of clothes, it was awful. I got a separate train back to him the next day. That guy is awful, he never washes ever, I caught him in the pub the other day trying to sell someone a greyhound.

What bands are you currently loving?
I quite like Denguge Fever, they have a really interesting & easy to listen to sound. I've been listening to loads of Hot Water music when I have been driving, best driving music. In the club Ive been playing loads of Tribal Guarachero, artists like DJ Antenna / 3 Ball / DJ Mouse & DJ Cobra

What/Who inspires you?
Being out all night & seeing the sun rise, seeing a gutty project to the end, finding an amazing new band producer that really does things differently an makes you prick up your ears like "he didnt just do that did he?"

Which websites do you visit regularly? (at least im honest)

Where is your favourite place to be?
Berlin at the moment I only discovered the Berghein / Panorama Bar last year & now whenever I go to Berlin I always go there when I have finished DJing an usually stay there till I have to catch my flight the next day an go from the club straight to the airport lovvvvve it there

Whats next for Mumdance?
My debut Solo Ep - The Mum Decent EP is out next monday (4th October) on Mad Decent, we have just shot a video for the lead single "forget me now" ft Esser which will be going live on the internet an music channels so keep an eye / ear out!

Photography by Sam Hiscox.
Mumdance logo by Dan Mumford.

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