Monday, 25 October 2010

Deer Brains x Lazy Oaf Giveaway

Competition is now closed. Congratulations Kirsty! x

We've teamed up with London fashion gurus Lazy Oaf to bring you one of their 'Durrr Brain' tees from their latest A/W '10 drop.

In order to bag yourself this t-shirt and a couple of packs of our pins then please follow ALL of these rules:

1) Follow @deerbrains and @lazyoaf on Twitter. (We will be checking!)
2) Tweet out 'The most durrr brain thing I've done is... @lazyoafs/@deerbrains #giveaway'
3) Comment on this blog post answering this simple question: What is the most Durr Brain thing you've ever done? with your Name, Twitter User name and E-mail address.
4) If you are not on Twitter you can still enter. Follow rule number 3 but leaving out your Twitter Username.

Tweeting will increase your chance of winning.
If you have used more than one Twitter account then please leave a separate comment.

This t-shirt comes in 'One Size Fits All'
This is openn for both males and females.
And is open to worldwide residents.

This giveaway will last for one week closing on Monday 1st November 2010 at middnight. The winner will be picked on Tuesday 2nd November 2010.

Please be as creative, funny and interesting as you can with your answer.
Good Luck!


Delff said...

"What is the most Durr Brain thing you've ever done?" - Tripped over a speedbump.

Delyth Briggs

Abz said...

The most durr brain thing I've done is get my tounge frozen to a snowman on my birthday :)

Abigail smith

Lucy said...

I had just been shopping with my family and we were walking back to car park. I was sending a text so was completely unaware of what was happening around me and walked over to what i thought was my car, hopped into the back seat just to realise that the family i was sat with, were not mine. They stared at me and i must have looked like a real durr brain. Embarrassed much?

Lucy Pearce

Law1sfab said...

My life is one big deer brain. The worst was leaving my work key at home, I was on the early to open, so had to go home than I after work I got home and realisedi did'nt have my house key.... I had to wait an hour for my boyfriend to get home :( I think I have earned this tee for the amount of mind fluffs I have had :p ENTRE me

kristy briggs said...

The most durr brain thing i have ever done is to take shoes back complaining to the shop assistant that one shoe was regular and one was large to which she replied the L and R stand for left and right. Bearing in mind this happened when i was 21.

Tina_Vidmar said...

"What is the most Durr Brain thing I have ever done?"
Well in high school me and my mates stayed after school and when we were about to go home we realised it was dark outside, nobody was around and there is a big creepy guessed it we got our camera out and started taking random pictures and ran around like lounatics. But the whole time we were on the field 1 of my mates said she was really scared of the dark. So when one girl was taking a group picture of us I screamed "OMG WHATS THAT BEHIND YOU AAAAA" and I only thought my 1 friend who was scared of the dark would react but I was wrong all of my mates screamed there heads off and started running as fast as they could and 1 of them even trippped over and cut there knee. After I told them what I had done they all got annoyed but lauphed about it later there I was trying to be funny but we got a good picture out of it :)
Name: Tina Vidmar
Twitter name: Tina_says_Hello
Email address:

Anonymous said...

it was 6am in the morning after my hen night, and i thought Id phone our mate Tony who wasnt with us...we'd had a wicked night and put 'pass the duchy' on the stereo full whack and held the phone up for a while knowing he'd love our early wake up call...we then chatted for a while, me filling him in on the sordid debauched ins and outs of the night we'd had at carnival, before passing the phone round the girls who were still up...we all chatted to him in our slightly wrecked state..and a bit fuzzy, before my mate Charlie, whose husband we thought we'd phoned suddenly sat up and said in a really shocked voice...'youre not my husband'...i loooked at the phone and saw that Id accidently and unbeknowingly called my future father in law who was also called tony!!....ouch!

Rachel said...


My most durrr brain moment was when i put the milk on the cabinet and my cup in the fridge.


Great competition btw!

I love lazy oaf and deer brains.

Anonymous said...

I ony started wearing glasses a couple of months ago...but i don't wear them to the pub after work (out of habit and vanity). I got back into my car after some quality gossiping, sober as a judge and started to drive. I thought, 'oh, my windscreen is dirty', and washed my windscreen, did the same again and thought, 'hmmm, this is weird...'. My brain ticked and ticked and i shouted ' S*** GLASSES!' and immediately pulled over and put them in their rightful place.

The most dur-brained thing about this is that i did it again a few weeks later, after taking my glasses off in the rain.

What a wally!

Love Caroline Brindle - @Heppletweeter -

Samantha Elizabeth said...

"What is the most Durr Brain thing you've ever done?" - I went to a fancy dress party a day early. Dressed as a slutty snow white. My lift left and I then had to get the bus home. haha

Samantha Kerr

Anete said...

What is the most Durr Brain thing I have ever done?

- A couple of years ago I was in a children's camp. We were strictly forbidden to go outside the territory. Then one night I went with a couple of guys in research about what happens around the territory. We get lost, and only after several hours we arrived back in camp. The teachers were very angry and we are abnormally afraid. That was a stupid action.


twitter: hello_its_anett

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