Sunday, 20 February 2011

Jasper Garvida A/W 11

The lovely girls at Push PR got us some guest spots at Jasper Garvida's stunning Autumn/Winter show this past Friday. As was to be expected, Garvida's gown- and dress-heavy collection highlighted notions of femininity but with a refreshing twist.

The collection sported a clear oriental influence, from high mandarin collars to geisha-esque pinned hair. He expressed the theme through a broad palette of smoky dark grey, deep blood red, black and yellow-green tones. We especially loved a red dress he brought down the runway, embellished with protruding plastic layers; a closer look showed they were actually made from sharp pins. Again, he placed the feminine flush next to the aggressive and dangerous:

'You can look, but if you touch you might just get hurt'.
All in all it was a beautiful show. It's great to see a designer who goes with his gut and doesn't compromise to appeal to current micro-trends or fashion fads. Garvida, we salute you.

Big shout to Ruth from WorseForWear for covering for one of our team on the night too.

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