Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Review - T4 On The Beach.

With a bottle of Glaceau vitaminwater in hand, and the morning sun already blazing, I headed across the sand for my first experience of a ‘T4 on the Beach’! 

The day started with a chorus of boo’s and groans as news spread around the beach that JLS had pulled out of the gig. Further frustration for the crowd it seemed, as many were already disappointed that Jessie J had pulled out a couple of weeks back after an unfortunate accident which resulted in a broken foot.

However, the demands from JLS for a full soundcheck and stage rehearsal earlier in the morning could not be met by T4’s production team, and I think they threw their toys from the pram. I actually felt sorry for a group of teenage girls stood a couple of metres away from me... their faces were painted with the logo of JLS, whilst each sported a different colour JLS-branded hoodie – their tears gave the tide a run for its money! But by the time Olly Murs bounced on to the stage, all was forgiven and forgotten by the 50,000-strong crowd!

The beach balls were flying everywhere, and the piercing noise of female’s screaming was a little too much for me to handle, so I resorted to the safe-haven of the VIP area, with the likes of Gok Wan, Russel Kane and Michelle Keegan (stunning!), from Coronation Street.

The crowd seemed to love a solo-performance by Nicola Roberts as she sang her new single, but for me, it definitely was not the one. Although I’m fairly certain I heard the lyrics “the lights in the kebab shop make this look less hot, he’s looking like John Prescott”! Apart from the smile upon hearing those lyrics, the performance was a little lacklustre and her backing dancers left a lot to be desired if she’s looking to emulate that of her close friend, Cheryl Cole.

Music-lovers of all ages looked as though they were enjoying all that was showcased in front of them! Performance that managed to get the most hands in the air? Probably Example or Scouting For Girls – both of whom were pretty interactive, as you would imagine! N-Dubz, Chipmunk, Jason Derulo and former Britain’s Got Talent contestant, Ronan Park, all played their part in feeding the crowds the entertainment they so eagerly craved.

Cast members of The Only Way Is Essex, Skins, Coronation Street, Hollyoaks and Made In Chelsea were ever-present throughout the day, some even taking to the stage for a bit of beach banter with the crowds!

The performance of the day for me, was Aloe Blacc on one of the smaller stages. His presence, his band, his style: brilliant! Singing tracks from his new album, Good Things, he performed ‘Loving You Is Killing Me’, ‘Green Lights’ and everyone’s favourite, ‘I Need A Dolla’! That was the only time in the day that we ventured to the other stages as there was so much to fit in!

One great thing about T4 on the Beach was the amount of other things to do. Coca-Cola were on site with a double decker bus... and not just any double decker bus! The upper-level had been converted and transformed into a DJ booth, cumulating the crowds to an impromptu party, fuelled by cans of the red stuff!

The Just Dance Disco Bus joined the party too, encouraging those who think they can dance, to prove that they couldn’t – all in great spirit, of course! Impulse had a pamper zone enticing girls into their tent for a makeover for the chance to feature in a new video which will become a new form of ammunition for their social media campaign on Facebook. Rimmel and Elemis FreshSkin were also there attracting teenage girls with products and treatment samples.

The most hype and buzz was probably around the section dedicated to Glaceau vitaminwater! An old-skool American car, a Polaroid photobooth and a van that was pumping out Bob Marley throughout the day, caused quite a scene. At one point, the crowd was too large to work your way through! Bottles of the flavoured water were flying out left, right and centre - definitely a worth-while refreshment in the heat of the day - and polaroid’s were proving a massive hit too.

All in all, the day was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, and there was plenty of time at the end of the day for a quick game of ‘Who Can Remember Where We Parked The Car?’ before the tide came back in.

As far as one-day musical events go, T4 on the Beach is one for music fans of any ages; even those with the most eclectic of aural interests.

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