Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Citroen x Gio-Goi

Citroen and Gio-Goi are two brands with solid heritage so when we heard of this collaboration we were intrigued! Citroen have produced many cars with legendary status such as the 2CV, Saxo and not forgetting all their WRC thoroughbred models. Citroen has dominated the WRC for some time with their winning combination of fast agile cars and the future WRC legend Sebastian Leob which has enabled them to win the manufacturers and drivers title 6 times! Gio-Goi emerged from the dance scene of the late 80's in Manchester, they have stayed true to their roots with music being an integral part of their style. They were recently awarded the Drapers' fashion brand of the year award and can be seen worn by the likes of Deadmau5, Plan B, Kasabian, Rihanna and even Pete Doherty!

The shoe is limited edition with only 100 being made with some available for purchase on Gio-Goi's website and at their pop-up store in East London. The shoe is made from the same leather as the DS3 Racing and features the same colour way, the sole of the shoe is styled to look like the sleek lines of the DS3's grille and wheels. The soles are also specially designed to flex easily to make them the perfect driving shoe for those spirited drives. The collaboration embraces both brands and compliments each other, the car is the perfect vehicle to get from club to club as swiftly as possible with its impressive 0-60 time of 5.6 seconds thanks to its development by Citroens boffins behind their WRC success at Citroen Racing. The shoe also embraces life in the fast lane with its padded tongue and hi top making it comfy and supportive. 

For more info head over to Gio-Goi's mini site here.

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