Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Interview with Murkage Dave.

Name: Murkage Dave
Age: 27
Job: Being Murkage Dave
Twitter: MurkageDave

Tell us a bit about your life so far. Where have you been? What have you seen?
I'm the lovechild of Jimmy Savile and Moira Stewart. Fought in the Falklands. yada yada...

What is your role in Murkage?

I'm Murkage Dave

What's coming up for Murkage?

We've got a new planet sized record dropping soon, plus the club night is back this month too at South Nightclub, Manchester.

Where are your favourite places in the world to visit? And to play?

We're touring eastern france in December, looking forward to that. I once DJ'd in Jamaica, which was pretty special. I love Africa too, it's the motherland.

Who's the best person you've played with?

Ed Sheeran, he held me close.

And the worst?
I've rewritten this answer several times, I just can't do it sorry man..

Your club night is back on the 22nd September can you tell us what your fans can expect?
Murkage is a pure madness, it's somewhere in between a cutting edge electronic night and an 80s rock concert. One time Ricky Hatton came, he looked kind of confused but i think he had a good time.

What's next for Murkage?

Coke midgets, orgies with porn stars, gunfights in public, all of that good stuff

Who are some of your favourite bands/musicians/artists at the moment?

Hudson Mohawke is an absolute don. Also... The Weeknd. P Money. Radiohead always. SBTRKT. Pusha T. There's loads man.. I really rate Last Japan too, we're gonna be doing a record with him actually.

Top 5 websites?

Top 5 places?

Check out the guys Facebook here.

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