Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Peggs & Son

We headed down to the Peggs & son store last week to check it out, we heard a lot about it and some of the brands it stoked so we just couldn't help ourselves! Located in Duke Street Brighton it stands out from surrounding stores in a conservative and understated manner. Starting up in 2000 Peggs & son have been a provider of goods for the fashion conscious Gent with an eye for High quality original goods that can be worn every day. Walking into the store you cant help me admire the pristine displays that have a distinct feel of British quirkiness but in a good way, it is just a really nice place to be.

In terms of brands the selection is huge and there is something to appeal to everyone from Alife to Norse to Folk to name a few, check here for a full list.

All in all Peggs & Son is well worth checking out as we had a great experience there, the staff are exceptionally friendly and very clued up with their stock. It was hard for us to walk away empty handed thats for sure!

For more info check out their website and their Facebook Page.

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