Wednesday, 21 September 2011 Slash You

Well, it looks like the whole Christmas-come-early feeling at VICE isn't dying down any time soon. They're asking readers to tell them exactly what you think of the mag and site, in 50 characters or less, then to make one of these pictures about it (d'you like ours?).

We're pretty sure ours breaks one of the sub-clauses about not championing an illegal activity or something, but what's done is done. Let VICE know just what you think about them and their fave entry will win a double-page spread feature in the next issue, a 5-year subscription to the mag and be part of an ad campaign. This is probably more excitement than any URL name change has garnered, ever.

Head to to add your caption to the mix, then fingers crossed: you could be reading VICE when you're like 27 if you win.

Comp closes on Friday, September 30th

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