Monday, 19 September 2011

Ryan Leslie "Fly Together"

Ryan Leslie is a genius. Seriously. Pretty sure he graduated from Harvard University at the age of 18 or something ridiculous like that. Despite his 'in the making' video's from his arts production company 'Next Selection' that blew up artists like Cassie (who P.Diddle supposedly stole from this incredible specimen of a ma) Mr. Leslie is a pretty elusive artist.

What do we mean?

We'll his albums and release are as rare as the late MJ's and his shows are a hybrid fusion of chest revealing, live band, cinematic, hip-hop infused R&B conglomerations of screaming girls and wannabe producers. It's simply incredible.

Here's a recent short clip of the man at work in the studio, playing everything. We suggest you waste the next 2 hours watching all his beat making, arty videos and then consider giving up your aspirations of musical breakthrough.

He's from the future, and we're lagging. That includes you.

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