Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Slow Tech: Designs for Digital Downtime

Right now you’re on a computer. Your phone is probably lying by your side. And it’s likely you’re about to check your Facebook feed in the next ten minutes. It’s good to be connected. But is all this time we're spending staring at screens good for us? Are there alternative ways to get our connectivity fix? Have we become a little too dependent on technology?

So, this is exactly what we were thinking the other day when ordering our takeaway - we literally pressed a few buttons on an iPhone app and bam it was ordered, e-mailed to us for confirmation and shipped out to us, all we had to say was 'Cheers!' to the delivery man. I mean don't get us wrong we LOVE the internet, blogging, social media, PR, I mean we are a blog after all but it really is starting to get a bit anti social huh?

For this year’s London Design Festival, Protein has teamed up with Wallpaper* magazine’s Editor-at-Large Henrietta Thompson to create an exhibition called Slow Tech that explores the importance of digital downtime.

Opens on 17th September 2011 and will run until the end of London Design Festival.
Slow Tech: Designs for Digital Downtime
Private View: Tuesday 20th September, 6-10pm
18 Hewett Street

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