Saturday, 24 September 2011 Launch Party

We went, we saw and we conquered the open bar. VICE's launch party for made the area outside Factory 7 on Thursday look like a Zimbabwean petrol queue: filled with pretty, sharply-dressed people, of course. If you were there, we can assume you had as awesome a time as we did to the tunes of Tom Vek, Factory Floor and the DJs' sets.
I asked for funny faces: well done, boys

The combination of free drinks, a Boinc-sponsored photobooth and debauchery starting at about 8:30pm shaped up to a night of mischief and giggles. And one thing we learned from an awesome girl named Dora (shout out!): if you don't ask for the free unlisted champagne, you don't get it. Life lessons, people.

Big thanks to VICE, Kate at VICE for being a total sweetheart and all the organisers of the night. We can safely say it was a success.

Photos by Tshepo Mokoena

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