Monday, 3 October 2011

New Look at Sticky Mike's Frog Bar (Brighton, 4.10.2011)

If any of our lovely Brightonian Deer Brainers are at a loose end tomorrow, this is where you should be. The masterminds at Strong Look are putting together an absolutely killer night at Sticky Mike's Frog Bar (formerly Jam, on Middle Street). In all seriousness, we're considering going down from London for the night.

New Look - Nap On the Bow by New Look

First off, brand new Canadian, NYC-based band New Look will be headlining one of their first ever UK gigs. Already given praise by Cascine Records' founder and the Guardian New Band of the Day list, their brand of slick, futuristic pop will no doubt seduce your ears as it did ours. Vocalist Anneka will be opening for them too.

Then the night descends into the nineties time-machine that is I Hate Myself And Want To Party. The night's been given the spotlight in the Guardian Guide's clubbing here.

Don't be kicking yourself when New Look blow up and you're all like 'oh man, I could've seen them for a fiver but stayed in watching Made In Chelsea on 4od'.

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