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Interview with Jack Dixon

At just 23 Jack has collaborated with some of the best companies in the land producing work for the likes of fashion gurus 'MYLA' and 'Net-A-Porter' as well as creating the designs for top board game 'Perplex City' With a collection of projects and dedication Mr.Dixon has taken effortless cool measures to design, with flawless images and precise content no wonder the design world is snapping him up.

Name: Jack Dixon
Age: 23
Job: Senior Creative, Co-founder of
Website: &
Twitter: @jackdixon

Welcome to DEER BRAINS, How are you today?
Cold! But hey.. at least the snow has gone

Tell us a bit more about yourself, Where you've come from, Where you've been and Where you would like to go?

I set up a record label in 2002 with 2 of my oldest friends - Alaska. We released several records nationwide and the buzz was incredible at the time. After calling it a day in 2004, I set up a design studio off the back of Alaska, called - Alaska! Working in the music industry was tough, dealing with clients that try to squeeze the most out of you for as much as they can afford.

I set up in 2006 with my partner Olli after working for Mind Candy, a games company based in London - it was a great experience working for a start up doing something truly different, and being part of something that has gone on to be a great success.

Bishbo was initially set up just for fun, to take away the rules and regime of regular life, we never expected it to gain as much attention as it did so quickly. Before we knew it, Computer Arts & Advanced Photoshop magazine had run several features on us, and we started gaining clients of our own, as well as the website being spread virally across the internet.

4 years on and we're still going strong, but with the same philosophy we started with, we won't take something on under our name unless it's exciting, fresh and fun.

Why the name Bishbo?

I wish there was an exciting story to the name but there isn't! It's actually the name of a Portuguese restaurant (in Portugal), that Olli had fond memories of as a child - really! We loved it so much we named our cat after it too, ha!

You produce top quality designs for companies such as 'Think Publishing' 'Anya Hindmarch' and 'Le Jean De'. What is your ultimate brand to work for?
I don't think we really have an ideal brand we'd want to work for, but we've been lucky to experiment and push the boundaries as much as we can with the clients we've been fortunate enough to work with. Each project has been really varied, so I'm grateful for everything we've had.

Do companies contact you or do you go scouting for the work?
Personally, a lot of my work has been through agencies, but nothing beats clients that come directly to you. It's a great feeling working on a project, regardless of size, if it's something you're 100% involved in.

What programmes do you use to create your work?
Recently we've gone back to being far more organic, with photography and illustration. There's no right way to do things, and each client is different. A recent project we worked on was all made entirely by hand, but the end result looks like a 3D render - it's just about working with what you know, there are no rules.

You did this all without the aid of university, what made you decide that not having a degree would benefit you better?
I chose not to study because personally, I never saw University benefiting me in this industry. I'd never recommend anyone to skip University or College, as everyone has their own method of learning, and exploration. Everything I wanted to know, I'd research myself, by reading books, looking on-line, or speaking to friends.

That said, a degree is overlooked more and more these days, in my experience at least. It's not about what's on paper, it's about the talent you have, that can't be taught.

It obviously worked for you. What's the best advice you could give to a young budding designer?

Don't give up.. it takes a lot of time, effort and passion to get things moving. There is a wealth of talent out there, and everyone wants success, it just takes that extra push to get yourself noticed.

What/Who inspires you?

It's a cliché, but literally anything and everything!

Which websites do you visit regularly? is a great source of visual inspiration - what more do you need? :)
I couldn't live without either

Where is your favourite place to be?

New York - hands down! There is electricity in the air… it's a massively inspiring city.

Thank You! XOXO Any thing else to say?
Thanks for having me!

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