Monday, 18 January 2010

Oh fashion! S/S 2010

I've always been self aware and self absorbed when it comes to fashion, I'd always be that girl rockin' the craziest slightly uncool polka dot waist coat at discos dancing to steps like nobodies business and constantly pulling up my holey leggings.

fashion to me is not just about well...errr, fashion! it's about expressing who are you are and showing people what you love. fashion inspires me to exist and to live 'cause let's face it shopping cheers us all up right?

S/S 2010 brings pastels and nudes to the new decade. I'm very unsure of these pastel colours but being a firm follower of fashion and quirky style no doubt I will participate in joining the troops in being 'fash'

Here are some cute pastel items.

Urban Outfitters
Kimchi & Blue Tulle Dress
Looks a tad like a lingerie nighty (which are also set to be hot this summer!) however, I think this is adorable. So cute, I'm not very girly so I would dress this down with some pins and maybe a denim/leather jacket, nice enough for dinner but dirty enough to party.

Applique Trim Cardigan
I absolutely love this I think the colour is really sweet and the brooch on the side of it adds an element of fun to it. I also love the fact that F21 now ships to the UK even though it is a bomb but hey! If you want that dress/cardie/coat you've gotta have it.

LouLou Loves You
This is the cutest bra and knicker set ever. So feminine and cute! I'm obsessed with cute knickers so having such an equally cute bra would be fitting also.

Some good clothing sites:

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