Thursday, 14 January 2010


When I started University we got given packs of 'Letraset' goodies which consisted of a book full of different type faces, a few Letraset pens and some typography posters. I was immediately excited and wanted to explore further into the type world, I never thought of design as being type based I always thought the image made the piece but after researching and creating my own I quickly saw that type can be just (if not better) as an effective as a single image.

I love how you can just play around with letters and numbers and create an incredible image, I also love how you can create your own font faces.

Own work.

View more here.

Here are some of my favourite pieces, they actually make me squeal with excitement.

Don't Panic
I've always been a fan of Don't Panic's work especially the posters. The type and imagery on them are amazing.




Another one of my favourite films (You can see my Dark Days post here) is 'Helvetica' I totally just geek out at it and feel highly inspired after it.

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Alison said...

I like the Good Morning Stranger one alot.
This is a great entry.
Opened my eyes up to Type more.

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