Saturday, 23 January 2010

Mihai Badic 2008 Showreel from Many Artists Who Do One Thing on Vimeo.

After casually spending my friday evening on facebook chat (loser) I ended up receiving this amazing website from a like minded fellow and friend Mike Hillman. Even from first glance I wanted to investigate more. His website is clear, precise, structured and very design minded.

The briefing for his website is
'Many Artists Who Do One Thing is a chaotic body of work. It is a contradiction. An umbrella name for the products of a collective self. Myself.

It is what it has to be at a given time. It can be professional. It can deliver. But it can also subvert, be poetic, emotional and abstract.

Many Artists Who Do One Thing is open. It wants to exhibit, collaborate, do commissions or just talk. It asks what the thing it does could be. And it needs answers.'

And this is to a certain degree everything I've ever wanted to say about my own work but could never find the words. I think I'm in love.
This website has been bookmarked and has become a very influential viewing and I can't believe this boy hasn't got more followers on twitter and facebook.

Seriously, I demand you to all go and follow right now.

Peace! xx

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