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Doodlefest Review by Jack Lewis Fletcher.

Doodlefest is something that I saw going on on Facebook through invitations through friends and fellow friends attending due to it being in Leeds I was unable to attend but I had a sneak peak at all the pictures from Friday nights fest and was lucky enough to get Jack on board to write a review, fab!

I wear slacks because of Easton Ellis, drink heavily because of Bukowski and now draw
melting faces, futuristic eggs and soviet Russia related symbols because of doodlefest. In fact I’m going to spend the day drawing a picture of a man killing an overturned cow by jumping on its head, whilst listening to the entire R. Kelly backlog. Maybe a little Sleep. I’m partial to influence and I’m a follower not a leader, I prefer to listen than speak.

doodlefest turned the pink walls of Subculture into seats for leaders to sit; to allow the creative to show their humour, their talent, and themselves. It reminded me that being creative isn’t something you hide and explore in solitude but something for friends, and strangers to enjoy and discuss. I’ve always wanted to live in Berkeley, USA like P.K.D and spend whole days in record shops with the bourgeoisie poets and short story writers, influencing each other over special Puerto Rican coffee blends and higher quality leather bound journals. But doodlefest made me realise they are where I am, and they may not wear $20 ties and use their grandfathers heritage pen and writing pouch. But they are still where I am with their patchy beards and flannel shirts.

Since my girlfriend took over Subculture she hasn’t slept and her skins getting paler, but it inspire me so much to see how much of herself she is putting into it. But she’s not alone, everyone wants to see the club to better days and that’s what doodlefest was about, working together. Bringing different artists and styles together to create something beautiful like a bath tub of cute creatures next to a pin up girl facing a fierce monster. The point of Subculture is to represent every sub genre of music, remembering that music comes hand in hand with art and fashion.

doodlefest has given every one the fuel to care about the basement club a little more, an art exhibition is going to be held down there in the next few months, very exciting and fresh record labels have shown interest in the venue for rad music, and new diverse nights are being thought through. And even more importantly the club wants to house the creative generation of Leeds with an artist’s social, a place for people to share work and meet possible collaborators.
I’d like to thank Bunty May Marshall, all the B.H.C girls, better joined up, and all the artists who’ve gave us something to talk about. Go check their awesome work out at Subculture, Wade Lane, just under the Merrion Center.

To contact Lailah O’Donnell with any ideas you have for the club email

You can view more events like this one here.
As well as visiting the myspace page here.


Anonymous said...

What a massive pile of pretentious WANK!

Stephanie said...

Oh really?
Well, each to their own.

We liked the imagery and the art concept behind this event....to let artists have a big canvas to write on is pretty good.

Anonymous said...

haters gonna hate

Anonymous said...

my hat has a hat, ok?

Anonymous said...

If you cant say anything nice...

Well pretentious or not i think the artwork itself looks awesome.

Anonymous said...

Don't get me wrong, I don't mind the artwork. And I used to love subculture, that big dank pink hole always made me feel at home. But and I quote,

"I wear slacks because of Easton Ellis, drink heavily because of Bukowski and now draw
melting faces, futuristic eggs and soviet Russia related symbols because of doodlefest"

If that's not pretentious I don't know what is.

I guess I just feel bitter that the club seems to have been taken over by a load of fucking Hipsters. But if that's what they've got to do to keep it open. I just hope they don't have sell out completely and can keep a few of the goth/metal nights.

Lailah O'Donnell said...

Lailah here, I guess it's me who you are talking about when you say 'taken over by a bunch of hipsters'. Its attitudes like yours that put subculture in the sort of trouble it has had to face recently. All we are trying to do here is make Subculture more accessible to all sub genres of alternative music. It does not belong to the goths and metal heads and we are not 'selling you out' if you really cared about the only independently run alternative club in Leeds you wouldn't be so negative and judgemental. If you want Subculture to succeed as much as I do it might do you well to stop being so judgemental and a little more enthusiastic about all the effort being made to keep Subculture above water.
Friday Flock, Arise, and Black Sheep aren't going anywhere and so, really, if you haven't got anything nice to say about other ventures don't say anything at all otherwise there won't be any metal/goth nights for you to attend because the door of our precious Subculture will be well and truly closed.

Anonymous said...

It's nothing personal against you It's just my opinion, which I do feel that having spent a considerable amount of time and also considerable sums of money in Subculture over the years it is my right to air. the old adage that 'the customer is always right' isn't always correct, but those are my opinions, and I stand by them.

I suppose I'm just lamenting for times past when the term 'Alternative' actually meant alternative and wasn't just a term hijacked by what are really just Indie kids, which lets face it have always had plenty of clubs playing their music because it is just Pop-ular. That Said, I do wish the Club well and I always will. But I do hope that the next time go for a night out there, that not all the costumers look like they should be in The Nation of Shopkeepers.

Lailah O'Donnell said...

I also have spent god knows how much money and time in our underground lair over the 5 years I have been living in Leeds. I've worked there for almost 4 years and reached my current position by really really giving a shit and knowing exactly how the place works and who our customers are. To be honest the place hasn't been 'taken over by fucking hipsters' at all. Myself and Hodge have been serving you your drinks for probably as long as you've been coming down.
I literally cried when it closed down when it was The Basement and was quick to get myself a job when it re-opened as The Subculture.
Maybe people like me went under your radar when I was attending pioneering 'indie' nights religiously such as Gigantic, Idioteque and Strangeways. Just because doodlefest got a lot of coverage does not mean it is anything different from what Subculture/The basement had been doing over the last 10 years.
We would never sell out you guys but at the same time, this is around 20 peoples jobs, Sarahs lively hood and a whole bunch of other peoples invested money. We have to get new and exciting things happening. Please don't be bitter.
More importantly I have had numerous emails and chats with our regular metal and goth night punters and you are the first one to give me any negative feedback. Everyone has loved the walls and agrees it has been exactly what it needs. The people that came down to draw on our walls were wonderful, helpful and talented, and I am proud.
In regards to the writing style of the review, yeah, it sounds pretentious, Jack knows that too but in his defence he is a fictional writer and he had fun with it.
I hope you won't let some doodles on our walls and a few new successful nights get in the way of your enjoyment of the club.
By the way, where were you on Saturday? Not at Arise? We had to send half the staff home as our regulars seem to have lost interest. It's a shame because it's such an awesome night and none of the bigger clubs put the same passion in to it that we do....

Lailah O'Donnell said...

It would be nice if you could just reveal yourself and we can have a chat at the club sometime. If you are a long term regular I probably know you...

Hodge said...

Anyway, I first thought that if it was down to the goths/metal guys and gal's the club would sit festering losing money left right and center with a total ignorance to the world out side but this couldn't actually be further from the truth. They have actually been incredibly supportive and even the ones who don't particularly like it understand the fact that if we do not adapt they wont have anything at all.

I think you will find that the clubs metal promoter had a big part to play in the change also, this is because he really does care about the club unlike your selfish and ignorant rantings. You seem to me one of these people who will tell you a bands first album is better than the new one after only briefly listening to a few tracks and spending years listening to the same old worn out album on repeat and becoming more scratched and tired with each play.

Give the new record some time. It may grow on you.

Rudeness is a weak mans misconception of strength.

Maybe you can take something from this.

The Subculture.

DJ Pyromancer said...

Well I'm one of the Goth regulars (even Goth Metal regulars, come to that) and I love the new look! At the end of the day the place has to pay its rent, and that ain't cheap. It's cost Sarah an absolute bloody fortune to get this far, damn right the place needs to do whatever it can to become an actual profitable successful venue.

What they did at Doodlefest rocks. Everything Lailah has done rocks. Last Sunday at Black Sheep's 10th birthday party rocked like a rocking thing.

Bloody well done to all concerned. Onwards!

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