Sunday, 25 July 2010

Interview with Joe Zoutewelle

We've caught up with Brighton based rock band 'Escape to Sea' to ask their lead singer a few Q's. We strongly suggest you check out their page and if they ever come to your town go and see them! Good stuff.

Name: Joe Zoutewelle
Age: 24
Job: underwear/graphic design
Location: south
Twitter: escape_to_sea

Tell us a bit about your life, Where have you been? What have you seen? What else do you want to acheive?

I sing in a band called Escape to Sea, we have been writing music for about 3 years, before that i studied film.
Ambition was planted in my mind at a young age, i always used to dream big, sometimes irritating those around me as they tend to think that good things only happen to other people but i have always been told me my whole life that if you want something, you can take it, currently its trying to be in a successful band, i have a few ideas about business avenues i would not mind looking down, but for now my mind is focused on trying to write an incredible record with my band.

How long have you been the singer for 'Escape to Sea'?
Me and Joel the guitarist started the band 3 years ago

What previous bands have you been in?
The guys have all played in different projects from heavy metal to jazz

Who are some of the acts that you've been on tour with?
we have played with a lot of local bands and our friends from brighton atlases, its hard for us to play with other bands as we get told that no one knows who to pitch us against so we are slowly trying to win the crowds alone.

Who was the most fun?
atlases are our good friends, they are fun to tour with

And the least?
there was a band we played with on our first ever headline show at The Dublin Castle in london, and we had a really good crowd of people we didn't know, that has just heard the band through myspace and the support band got extremely jealous, and i can say that none of us guys like competition so we were not fans of them having a tantrum about people coming to see us and not them

What are the High points/Low points of touring?
high points of being on any tour is that you get to evade your normal life for 4 days of 4 months, the bad points for me is that it takes a lot of self control to hold back and not murder the entire band

Any dirty gossip on the other band members?
We all get very excited about odd and simple things

What/Who inspires you?
My family, weather, humans, art, music, space.

Top 3 celebrities?
1.with out fear of infamy i would say Simon Cowell
in our generation its cool to hate success and this is something i will never understand. i have a lot of respect for him
2. Chris martin -coldplay
this man is the reason i wanted to be in a band, again apparently its cool to think hes a prick as well however i do not.

3.Russell brand - after reading his book i believe him to be a very intelligent man and he makes me laugh a lot. his persistent ways to success gives me hope

Which websites do you visit regularly?
i love fffffound, it gives me a lot of inspiration just flicking through pages of so much art and creation
youtube is gold

Where is your favourite place to be?
In a bed if im not in a bed then probably the cinema

Whats next for 'Escape to Sea'?
we have just released a small ep called "Young Blood" on iTunes on Atticus black and are beginning to write and demo our first album witch is a milestone from sounding anything like the demo we have really found a sound we all like
and we are playing dates here and there so please come down and check us out

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